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An Lár
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Ways to Say Goodbye


They drove me to the ferry port right down to the quays
Through restricted harbour area past the port-authorities
Past ticket-desk and customs gate they dropped me on the pier
When I was running up the gangway they left their car and cheered
When I reached the entrance door I turned and waved goodbye
Though we had met just the day before I was about to cry

Over the hills, over the ocean
Longing to leave or wishing you could stay
When it’s time to part, time to go away
Out of the door, out of the window
Cold as stone or with tears burning in your eye
There are so many ways to say goodbye

Johnny, he was on the ship when I first set my foot on deck
Must have been hiding deep below when policemen made a check
They had a lot of time to search for him ‚cos the bow door would not shut
I suppose he tried to run away but I know that he could not
When they led him through the door his escape was crossed at last
He kept his eyes down to the floor and returned to face his past

Over the hills, over the ocean…

When the vessel finally sailed I stood on deck and watched the coast
Saw the island slowly fade, disappearing like a ghost
And running through my memories how good times always pass
Even though you think your heart must break you’ll raise the parting glass
But if you’re tired of the fight your life seems nothing but absurd
You might as well decide to leave without a word

Over the hills, over the ocean…