whispering bye bye (Frey)

An Lár
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A  Song by Jüre Frey
recorded and mixed in 2020 by PT Freywild
cover art by TMS Stomper

whispering bye bye

Come on, it’s time now
to brake those chains
So, get your tin foil
protect your brain
there’s so much power
for us to gain
their tries to steer us
will be in vain

We don’t trust science
the news is all fake
to find a fall guy
is a piece of cake
and integration
is a mistake
we know the answers

Chemtrails serve as mind controllers
lizard people rule the earth
Paul was killed in `66
but Elvis never died
We never landed on the moon
the earth’s a flattened pie
and climate change’s a fabrication

it’s more important to be right
than to ask for truth
the more reality we gain
the more dreams we thereby loose
what’s the answer?

the ice was melting
rising the tide
the sun was burning
rivers running dry
poverty migration
reached an all-time high
leading to predictable replies

we used to fear the doomsday
though we couldn’t know about it
and now we’re facing the apocalypse
but we act as if we
didn’t fear it.