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The silent march

(Bobby Nicholson)

November 1923 the silent march began
Many marched to Glasgow town with bonnets in their hands
How many of the movement then were taught by John McLean
Rise with your class not out of it he told the working men

The engineers from Cathcart who battled round the Clyde
Stevens, Jimmy Marxton and many more besides
He educated minds that Marx and Engels had inspired
Uncovering the truth behind the empire lies

From the tall along the road to Eastwood cemetry
15000 gathered to remember John McLean

He called upon the working men to liberate themselves
He told them not to go and die for interests of wealth
If they returned to tell the tale all would be the same
So what’s the point of fighting for the forgers of yer chains

The wealthy and the privileged were fearful of his powers
They charged him with sedition and they chased him with their laws
The parasites suppressed the right to speak against their realm
They stripped John of his liberty up in the castle cells

But those who would command us they never understood
How many would protest against this penal servitude
Up arose the people in angry unity
Never to be compromised till John McLean was free

Many of our leaders then were murdered for their views
Luxenburg and Liebknecht and Connolly but a few
John McLean he lived and died  to set his people free
Now too many march in silence since 1923