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An Lár
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The Return of the Dead


A toucan is shaking it’s head the focus goes up to the tree tops
and suddenly smoke starts to spread as we’re gliding past a big trunk the piano begins in G sharp while a dozer is driving towards us
he’s strolling through the burnt forest in the twilight

And then the weird guy starts to sing, he’s asking a whole lot of questions
an elephant’s carcass is zoomed in, some Massais are gathered around it
we’re then rising up through the smoke and a tree’s falling down to the ground as the singer, amidst the inferno is launching the chorus
in a Jesus Christ pose

A little boy’s picturing the time before they met hell with animals still running across the savannah
and when the indigenous hunter still followed his prey but we feel that the worst bit’s still waiting for us

The scenery has changed to a town, where homeless are walking through ruins and tanks are rolling around, a familiy is mourning their daughter
and now they’re all going to their knees, the burnt soil is loose and it seems there’s a lot of handdigging to do and in comes the storm

The earth starts trembling and the wind is blowing therefore they all have to cling on to something by shouting out loud and vigorous stomping
black jesus himself is reversing the timeline

and whether they are animals, rainforest trees or humans they all have to play their part in the joyful return of the dead