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An Lár
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I walked this Road


I walked this road in rain and snow, from here to the unknown and often alone, I got soaked to the bone
through open fields under the sun, beneath an endless sky and when I was dry, had a permanent high

it took me far away, where I could go astray, and when I got tired
I lay in the hay, let them all play their plays, chased my cravings away promised to change my ways, if not today, then tomorrow

When I first met her, she was half a punk
she was hopelessly poetic and constantly drunk
I instantly fell for her charms, tumbled straight into her arms she was wild I was blind we were one of a kind
we were dancing like dervishes out of their minds
and I was still turning around, seeing what I had just found, disappear in the crowd

Well, I went on to places, I didn’t know were there
and I had my share of indifference and care
I met her lovers on and on, in town and countryside
and when it was right, had a craic for a night
wherever I did roam, each place her name was known
I was astounded, when her gifts were shown
her stories were grown, some claimed her their own
and I stood alone with the picture I had and what I remembered

The next time I saw her she was gentle and kind
she was hopeful and melancholic with a humorous mind
I could hardly turn my face from her amazing grace
she was sad, she was bright, we were embracing the night and we laughed and we cried till my eyelids were tight
and I was softly falling asleep, still hearing her tapping feet disappear down the street