Forever and a day (Brühlmann/Frey) | Text

An Lár
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Forever and a day


I’m standing here for far too long
the weather’s cold and the wind blows strong
and I ask myself if this is the place I really want to be
When I turn my head and look around
along the shore and across the sound
there is no one else who left his cosy place to watch, but me

If you go for the good times i’ll be standing there
if you’re drowning in your misery i’ll be standing
forever and a day i’ll be standing till I get washed away

Nothing good has ever happened here
but i’m still there for over 30 years
and if a stranger passes by I try to keep him away
I don’t know much ’bout sails and blocks
just tide and the sea the cliffs and the rocks
and though i’ve never moved I know the way

I don’t know what you’re looking for
but keep your distance from this shore
too many have I seen who’ve lost their lives beneath the waves
In some bad and stormy nights
the witness to a hopeless fight, will I
when my rock is washed away join their watery graves.